About Good Ground Gardens

About the Farm

                Good Ground Gardens is located a mile west of Forbes Field and Heartland Park Race Track, about 5 miles south of Topeka. 

                We have over an acre and a half in production, including five unheated hoop houses, which allows us to extend our season. In addition to growing produce, we also grow cut flowers for market and for local florists.

                We use sustainable, organic methods to grow our crops, and we work daily on improving our soil life and fertility! If you ever have questions about our practices, please feel free to contact us and/or set up an appointment to see for yourself!

Meet Your Farmers


In 2010, Kevin Ford left his teaching to job in Wichita to pursue market gardening in Topeka, Kansas. He and his wife, Mary, started their first farming enterprise on three acres of borrowed land, and quickly grew a small, successful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. They also sold to local farmer’s markets. The experience they gained there led them to move back to the Wichita area and begin selling to a larger market. By the second year there, they were farming with another family and had grown their CSA to include 150 members and their families. After three successful, but difficult years growing and selling their produce in an adverse climate (including bouts of grasshopper plagues, hail, early freezes, and extreme heat and drought), they decided to move back north to Topeka. The Ford family is now in their seventh year of market gardening in Kansas, and the fourth consecutive year in Topeka!

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