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Joining the CSA

What is a CSA?

              That’s a good question! CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. It is a system by which a farmer can sell directly to consumers through a “share” program. At the beginning of the growing season, customers can purchase a share of produce and/or flowers that can be picked up at a set drop-off location. This helps farmers by ensuring that they their crops will be sold. It also gives the farmer upfront income to get the season started. Meanwhile, customers can build a relationship of trust with their farmers, and know how their food or flowers are being grown. Customers will receive fresh, local goods all season long.

A Better Way to do a CSA!

                Good Ground Gardens’ CSA works a little different than a traditional CSA. Customers can build their own box of produce each week, choosing from a variety of items at the drop-off location. Also, instead of losing your share if you miss a week during the season as in a traditional CSA, Good Ground Gardens will allow you to “buy down” your share each week that you come, and we will not charge you a missed week’s share. We only ask that you try to have your share account money used up by the end of the season. We will extend the season on both ends to provide you with opportunities for fresh produce in spring, summer, fall, and early winter.

                Please note that there is a shared risk when you purchase a CSA share. “Shared risk” means that the farmer will do absolutely everything he can to ensure that you get your money’s worth each week, but that he cannot control tornados, major hail storms, and other unexpected weather events. We have ways to protect our crops from pests, extreme heat and drought, etc., but occasionally, natural disasters do happen. The customer agrees in purchasing the share that they will not get their money back should something completely decimate the crops, since CSA share money is largely used to get the season rolling. We will do our utmost to prevent situations of this sort, however. That is our promise.

                If you are interested in joining the CSA, there are several kinds of shares available: the regular share, the large share (good for families), and a flowers-only share. Please click on the "Join the CSA" button on this page to learn more about these shares. Thanks for reading!

What You Get!

- Build your own CSA box
- 30 kinds of produce
- Fresh cut flower bouquets
- Fresh cut herbs
- Use CSA share money at CSA drop-offs, Farmer's Markets, or at the farm!

Drop Off Locations

Topeka: Downtown Farmer's Markets, Saturdays, 7:00-12:00

Wednesdays, 8:00-12:00

On the Farm: 

By appointment